Stefan Cammeraat


17-10-2015 / Forever /These things happen/, solo

"Mom, I blew up the Moma (in the 1930s)."
Opening show for my online exhibition space, which will always be visitable., web


2023 Groot Rotterdams Atelier Weekend

I will be presenting in the Groot Rotterdams Atelier Weekend, at my studio in Rotterdam. Sadly I won't be able to be present myself

Kunst en Complex, Studio B2.1, Rotterdam
2022 Coming to terms

For CareFull utrecht I will be presenting a new chapter of Coming to terms.

Coming to terms presents a horror film moments before filming starts. Rather than focusing on the end product (a film), the work remains a constant negotiation between different cinematic aspects, taking on a new constellation every time the work is presented. Coming to terms uses affective experiences, the driving force of horror stories, such as feelings of dread or jump scares, to restructure historical narratives; prioritizing bodily experiences over narrative continuity.

During the course of the film, the protagonist, Stefan, becomes haunted by the unrealized tomb of artist Kazimir Malevich (1879-1935). In this appearance, the intitial haunting presents itself, as Stefan coins his discoveries, lecturing an unassuming audience.

The work is in a garage, past the cafe's terrace.

I will be present and performing Sunday October 9th , 16th , 23rd and 30th at 14.00 and 16.00. The performance takes approximately 25 minutes, and is english spoken.

De Nijverheid, as part of CareFull, Utrecht
2022 Scaffolding Scaffolding, group

Scaffolding Scaffolding, the graduation exhibition of the 2020-2022 MA Fine Art class of HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, is organized under the curatorial guidance of Rachael Rakes at BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht. Using scaffolding as a framework, the exhibition considers ways of upholding fragments of the precarious present. Depending on its context, scaffolding can be a sign of gentrification or one of preservation; it can indicate corruption, the locus of financial and political power, or care and rebuilding. Can we scaffold the scaffold, to support the things already put in place? To support something that is at risk of falling down, or aiming to be built, restored, or allowed to be left limbo? How do we inhabit the idea of support itself?

Scaffolding Scaffolding features works by the graduates of the 2020-2022 MA Fine Art class of HKU University of the Arts Utrecht: Francisco Baquerizo Racines, Katayoon Barzegar, Stefan Cammeraat, Yuliia Elyas, Lin Chun Yao, Lo Yuen Ming, Giorgia Lo Faso, Harriet Rose Morley, and Kristel Rigaud.

Special thanks to BAK for hosting us and the guidance of the great HKU staff. Extra special thanks for Ron Bokje for guidance and assisting in production during the year.

The amazing graphic design is done by Wooseok Jang.

Made possible by:

HKU graduation show, BAK, Utrecht
2022 [...], solo

Presentation of secretive nature in the Safe art space.

Safe Art Space, P/////AKT, Amsterdam
2020 Art Utrecht, group

For EXbunker I will show at the Utrecht Art Weekend in the former 'Broese Boekhandel'.

On show:

A selection of
Carl and Donald and Frank and Michael, 2019

Utrecht Art Weekend
2019 Über Mensch, Group

A group show with Bart Hess (NL), Jenny Holzer (US), Mark Manders (NL), Johan Tahon (BE), Guus Voermans (NL), Stan Wannet (NL) and Jenny Ymker (NL).

Made possible by:

PARK, Tilburg
2018 Prospects and Concepts, group

Show at Art Rotterdam 2018, as part of the Werkbijdrage Jong Talent (Start Stipend).

As part of the 'Artifices' project, a number of side locations have been approached to provide a specific context to projects I did in the past. Both of those locations will be shown through a video-feed at Art Rotterdam, among other things. One of those locations will also be visitable to the public, the other being a private collection.

More info on the locations and the specific works below.

On show:

Artifices (Futurists without prospects), 2018
Which contains among other things:
Crash, 2017-2018
Overview a flies perspective, 2016
Untitled hood ornaments, 2016

Artifices (Exercises in dischronology), 2018
Which contains among other things:
Courier New (New), 2017
Untitled type-moulds, 2017

Special thanks to the sponsors, the locations and everyone who was so kind to help me during the process.

Van Nelle Fabriek, Rotterdam
2018 Artifices (side location), solo

Being a private collection, this show is not visitable to the public, but the show can be viewed live at Art Rotterdam 2018.

The last known FIAT 24/32 HP in the world, the specific model of car F.T. Marinetti drove into a ditch late 1908, an incident which gave birth to Italian Futurism and make up the starting words of the Futurist Manifesto, provides context for the 'Crash' publication I made early 2017.

This fictional history of Marinetti's car mechanic takes the form of a maintenance manual for Marinetti’s FIAT, based on both actual car maintenance techniques employed in early 20th century and the many manifestoes and experiments in graphic design produced by the Italian Futurists.

In this last installment of Futurists without Prospects, Ettore Angelini's story is once again brought back to the place it all started – a now 114 year old FIAT.

On show:

Crash, 2017

Style & Auto, Joure
2018 Artifices (side location), solo

The Exercises in dischronology project, a project based on Gutenberg's ground breaking system of movable type will be shown at a typography workshop in the center of Amsterdam. While this modular system is employed as a sculptural framework in the pieces that make up Exercises in dischronology, the actual working history it inherits and is a monument to still lives at Letterpress Amsterdam, and will provide it with the necessary context.

On show:

Exercises in dischronology (1455), 2017
Exercises in dischronology (1525), 2017
Exercises in dischronology (Dürer's Unterweysung der Messung), 2017
Exercises in dischronology (Dürer stacks), 2017

Letterpress, Amsterdam
2017 SPROUTS, group

Show at the SBK in Amsterdam.
Koen Kloosterhuis
Bruno Slagboom

On show:

Exercises in dischronology, 2017

SBK, Amsterdam
2017 50 years, solo

Show in EXbunker, a former war bunker built in 1943 repurposed as a presentation space in the Wilhelminapark, Utrecht.

With guests partaking in this project:
James Beckett, Artist
Charles Jeurgens, Professor of Archival Science
Leonard Victor Rutgers, Historian of religion and archaeologist
Henk de Vos, Sociologist

EXbunker, Utrecht
2016 Cultuur op de Campus, solo

Installation in the Spinoza garden in the Radboud University, Nijmegen.

On show:

The early years, 2016

Radboud universiteit, Nijmegen
2016 Everytime two fools collide, P/////AKT Pool, duo with Thomas Swinkels

Part of the P/////AKT POOL program 2016.

On show:

Untitled power outlet, 2016
Updating Kandinsky's preliminary course at the Bauhaus by reversing the process, 2014
Variations, remarks, additions, 2013-2016
At least a working hypothesis, 2016

P/////AKT, Amsterdam
2016 Futurists without prospects 3/3, solo

Part of the P/////AKT POOL program 2016.

Reflected upon by Riet Wijnen in the P/////AKT POOL publication

On show:

Waiting room, slight return, 2016
Untitled power outlet, 2016
Carspeed + light + noise (after Balla), 2016
Untitled, 2016
Three stages of a passing car (has, is, will), 2016
Crash (preview), 2016

P/////AKT, Amsterdam
2016 Futurists without prospects 2/3, solo

Part of the P/////AKT POOL program 2016.

Reflected upon by Peter van den Hoogen in the P/////AKT POOL publication

On show:

Maintenance schedule, 2016
Untitled hood ornament, 2016
In case of emergency, 2016
This morning (slight return), 2016
Carspeed + light + noise (after Balla), 2016

P/////AKT, Amsterdam
2016 Futurists without prospects 1/3, solo

Part of the P/////AKT POOL program 2016.

Reflected upon by Omar Munoz Cremers in the P/////akt Pool publication

On show:

Waiting Room, 2015
This morning, 2016
Untitled, 2016
Overview, a flies perspective, 2016

P/////AKT, Amsterdam
2016 De Belofte 11 Pop Up, group

On show:

Basic principles of timetravel, 2015-2016

Kunstliefde, Utrecht
2015 Best of Graduates, group

On show:

Updating Kandinsky's preliminary course at the Bauhaus by reversing the process, 2014
Still life #1, 2014
Still life #10 (for R.M.), 2015
Variations and remarks, 2015

Ron Mandos, Amsterdam
2015 HKU graduation show, group

On show:

Waiting Room, 2015
Updating Kandinsky's preliminary course at the Bauhaus by reversing the process, 2014
[Rythmus], 2015

HKU, Utrecht
2015 Horror Formalism, Apprentice/Master project, group

Guided by Helmut Stallaerts, with:
Antoinette van Beers – Juan Pablo Plazas – Chloë Delanghe – Michael Cleary – Axelle Stiefel – Bas Sillekens

On show:

Updating Kandinsky's preliminary course at the Bauhaus by reversing the process, 2014
Variations and remarks, 2013-2016

InBetween, Brussel
2014 Diptych, solo 99Kuub, HKU, Utrecht
2013 Value This, Impakt festival, group Academie Galerie, Utrecht
2013 Matters in the dark, group Tent, Rotterdam
2013 Which way Brouwn?, group Casco, Utrecht


2020 For future reference (volume 1) Publication, self published
2019 P/////AKTPOOL Vol.1 2016-2019 Collection of the first six P/////AKT POOL participants' publications, published by P/////AKT
2018 Prospects & Concepts catalogue Catalogue complementing the Prospects & Concepts show at Art Rotterdam, with a text about my work by Mirjam Beerman
2017 Crash Publication, edition of 45, self-published
2017 50 years Publication, self published
2016 Futurists without prospects Publication, edition of 250, published by P/////AKT
2016 The basic principles of time travel Edition of 50, woodcut print on off-set print
2015 HKU FA TWG 2015 Commissioned, floorplan complementing the HKU graduation show and catalogue
2015 HKU FA TWG 2015 Graduation catalogue HKU
2015 Variations and Remarks Handout, self-published
2014 Updating Kandinsky's preliminary course at the Bauhaus by reversing the process Publication, edition of 10, self-published
2013 A guide to making sense of a senseless world Publication, self-published
Undated Gloom Publication, self published


2017 Micro Art Initiatives #6 EXBunker Utrecht Metropolis M
2017 Wat is over 50 jaar nog interessant? Financieel Dagblad
2015 Paper Podium Mister Motley
2015 Ron Mandos; Best of graduates
2015 Ron Mandos - Best of Graduates 2015 - No rules in space Monshouwer editions
2015 Review graduation show HKU Metropolis M
2015 Review graduation show HKU Mister Motley
2015 Review graduation show HKU
2015 Review Horror Formalism H Art


2016 / 2017 Werkbijdrage Jong Talent

In december 2016 I received the Start stipend from the Mondriaan Fund.

Mondriaan Fonds


2023 Writing

Spectrale Verwantschappen, article on Hauntology for Metopolis M no 2 / 2023

Metropolis M, print
2022 Writing

A reflection on The Hauntologists at BAK for Metropolis M

Metropolis M
2021 Writing

A review of Supermarket Artfair Stockholm 2021 for Metropolis M

Metropolis M
2015 / Current (occasionally) curating and programming

17-10-2015 onwards: Stefan Cammeraat
16-02-2016 onwards: Koen Kloosterhuis
More soon.


2019 / 2022 MFA HKU, Utrecht
2011 / 2015 BFA (with Honors) HKU, Utrecht

Curriculum Vitae: