Stefan Cammeraat


The early years, 2016

The early years is a project based around physical renditions of pieces of time-lines, normally used for historical museum displays or history books. Originally conceived as exhibition pieces, these minimalist structures, which are even out of context highly suggestive, were transformed to be shown in the Spinoza garden at the Radboud University. I transformed them into spears, scattered around the garden making an arbitrary subdivision of space. The spears are highly stylized, being painted in different shades to amplify the working of light, and almost look misplaced as if they were photoshopped into reality. Furthermore they employ forcelines, a drawing technique most commonly seen in comic books, which is further amplified by the windows looking out into the garden, forming comicbook-like frames.

“What binds nostalgia and faith in progress, is the detachment of the three basic principles of historical consciousness: ‘present’, ‘past’ and ‘future’. According to modern concepts the present is anyhow different from the past, and the present ipso facto different from the future. This temporal experience might look obvious today, it is nevertheless far from natural. The premodern conception of time, as described by Augustinus, believed after all in a constant interplay between memory (past), attention (present) and expectation (future) – an interplay which immediately guarantees continuity.” 1

1. (translated from dutch) Rekto Verso – De volkse vlucht vooruit